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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

Tired of the same old restaurants and bars? The place to go is the One63 European Bistro and Bar. Featured in the Vouch Magazine, this European style bistro is located in Jalan Ngee Heng, Johor Bahru and offers a menu of incomparable French and Italian cuisine such as seafood, lamb, foie grais, beef and veal, chicken, and vegetarian dishes, served daily for lunch and dinner in an elegant, yet casual atmosphere.

One63 Ideas Sdn Bhd, a member of Majestic Group, opened its first European Bistro and Bar on 4th June 2013, provides a casual fine dining experience yet offering eclectic European cuisine and warm hospitality in a rustic historically preserved building with a modern renovation twist. The brand name One63 originated from the first outlet doorplate carrying the meaning of 'we begin from here". As for the company philosophy, One63 insists on a brand that does not follow catering trends blindly. Catering is not just catering – we add in innovation and present catering to a whole new perspective whilst retaining the traditional elements that are necessary to be passed down to future generations.

This 6500 square feet wide restaurant consists of five theme rooms; The Liquid Room, The Dining Room, The Alfresco, The Alcova and The Private Room. The ground floor is designed to be modern and warm, with a sheltered Alfresco. The first floor is created to the ambience of an art gallery with painted walls liven up with drawings produced by artists with an unsheltered Alcova.

The restaurant can fit up to 200 customers and is able to cater for small-sized banquet events. The concept of the décor was to create a casual modern dining that caters to all ages and people of different ethnicity.

Chef Kelvin, originated from Kuala Lumpur, has experience in not one, not two but three Michelin Star restaurants in France. They are Le Jardin Des Sens in Montpellier and Michel Bra in Laguiole. Chef Kelvin was also the Group Executive Chef/Chef Consultant of Gusttimo World and Head Chef of San Marco at The Lighthouse, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

Our food menu spans a European cuisine whereby "Simplicity and Flavors", is worked on every plate that comes out of the kitchen. Every ingredient is specially handpicked for their prime and only the finest quality ingredients are used to create the labor of love on a plate. Our menu changes every six to eight weeks, offering a mix of new and signature dishes.

As featured in Vouch Magazine

With the motto of "Your Comfort & Enjoyment is our Abundance of Love",, one can dine and appreciate art on plate as every dish that arrives is carefully plated delicately with natural colors and flavors that give diners a whole new level of gastronomical experience no where found in Johor Bahru.

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